The first Blog Post

As you all know a blog is vital to keep your website optimised and makes your content contribute to optimisation dramatically.

Today, we live in a knowledge society. I believe that information is indeed at our fingertips but it is paramount to sieve and filter data in accordance to relevance or accuracy. Therefore, I intend to provide a platform of ideas, sparks of creativity, story telling as well as fact based content for you to drive your muse.

My name is Rose Gowa and I am Vibe Marketing Director Leicester. I have up to a Masters degree in Strategic Marketing along with digital qualifications from the Institute of Digital Marketing and Charted Institute of Marketing. I hold a Coaching qualification from Warwick University and a couple of teaching qualifications too.

The reason I am pursuing a blog is to keep in contact with you.

Communication is vital and I want you to know I am very much here to help you in anything Marketing related. Every week I will publish on topics from Digital, General Marketing, Coaching to Wellbeing and Fitness. The wide range of topics discussed on this platform stems from my backgrounds in coaching, personal training and wellbeing too.

I look forward to our journey ahead- for ahead Vibe Marketing reassures you that “Success is the only option.”