Ever wondered- Why your goal is that? Transformation and defining your goals do start with addressing the deep-rooted mind’s processes – change begins in the form of a thought. A thought in a repetitive manner that creates a strong intention. That intention makes your focus more defined and tangible. This leads to a feeling of intense desire to achieve. This evocation of feeling drives your behaviour to act with purpose aligned to your goal. The means to facilitate change begins with acknowledgement- for I am here now…I want to be there in x months. What do I do to get there?


STRATEGY! This is realising that you write your process in step by step tactics like a recipe for success. The tactics being the ingredients in your strategy. The intention of the strategy to be always referenced throughout the journey to reinforce the importance of your goal!!! This tie in to your company objectives that must be SMART defined.

At the end of the day a goal must be achievable. By breaking the goal into short/medium and long allows one to have a realistic time frame. By conducting a SWOT analysis one can capitalise on their strengths and improve their weakness. Cash cow mentality begins with opportunity. People with skills, talents and value are raising stars. A raising star needs an unshakable network to grow and thrive. It all starts with realising your goals by acknowledging your mastered skill strengths.


S- Stop and evaluate your existing position

T-Transform your knowledge base

A-Action to add value to your strengths

R-Reach out with your skill set or products


The STAR acronym above is a process that raises your awareness and address your thoughts which create your Goals.

Below I have shared my Goals:

My goals:

  • help clients in their Digital Marketing mix
  • Coach in strategy relating to Marketing or Wellbeing/Fitness
  • advise on my knowledge expertise
  • deliver workshops/presentations/coaching relevant to the market demand
  • grow in my value offerings through continuous learning/development/refining my skillset


Rose Gowa

-MSc Strategic Marketing, DipDigM, CIM affiliate, Coach

-Marketing Consultant at Vibe Marketing International