Pathetic Fallacy is the term of alluding human emotion to aspects of nature. In Marketing this is used cleverly for example a sunrise to symbolise new beginnings. In Forest Gump the leaf travelling was to show time passing in a person’s life.


It is encouraging to use nature to depict human emotion as the next best expression is through this means. A part of the brain called the limbic system is responsible for processing emotion. At time emotion can be perceived distorted or ambiguous. For this reason, alluding to weather to show an emotion as anger like a thunderstorm can get the point across.


Effective imagery stems to having a neck in appreciating what fits together with certain emotions- here are some examples, to name a few:


Bright Sun-happiness

Wind blowing- indecisive

Thunder storm- anger

Waterfall- serene



So, incorporate these words in your writing or imagery in your video content. For the quote that springs to mind is “a picture is worth a 1000 words”(Henrik Ibsen).  Out of those words you can convey an emotion. An emotion can evoke a consumer to a call to action. If a consumer is made to feel a certain way that resonates with their desired state, then guaranteed their interest in your offering will lead to an actioned purchase.

I feel sunshine indeed!